COVID-19: CACOVID support critical to Nigeria’s response – PTF

CACOVID support

The National Coordinator of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Dr. Sani Aliyu, has disclosed that without the quick intervention of the Coalition Against COVID-19 (CACOVID), the country’s response to the pandemic would have been worse.

Aliyu said this in Abuja at the joint national briefing of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19.

He appealed to CACOVID not to allow the unfortunate incident of looting of palliatives following the recent #ENDSARS event to dampen their morale, noting that before the looting of the warehouses of COVID-19 palliatives in different parts of the country, 95 percent of CACOVID donations had been distributed across the states.

He said CACOVID, a private sector partnership, that had donated resources towards government’s efforts to combat the pandemic in the country, “has kept careful and transparent records of the distribution process.”

Aliyu noted that the palliatives were looted under the state governments who, he said, were responsible for the distribution to the citizens.

He added: “We can confirm that the donation initiative is currently 95 per cent complete, even though we have seen a lot of looting of some of the warehouses under the state governments.

“Even though the delivery is 97 per cent complete for states in Phase 1 and 2. There are three phases. States in Phase 3 have received 90 per cent of their supply. State governments that have received their donations are responsible for the distribution of these palliatives to their local government areas.

“We ask beneficiaries to please cooperate with their state and their local governments and we welcome the plan by CACOVID to provide detailed information on the resources that they have put in, the donations they have made to government and other parts of the COVID response.”

The coordinator, however, said that the morale of the private sector had to be boosted to continue their support when airports would be reopened fully to both domestic and international flights which have been slowed.

“What has happened over the last few weeks has been most unfortunate. We have a situation where an organization with the very best of intentions had put tremendous resources to assist government and the public in alleviating the difficulties seen since the lockdown.

“The message to CACOVID is that they have done a good job and we very much appreciate it and value the partnership we have with them,” he said.

He also said for the purpose of clarity, CACOVID had been possibly the most important private sector partnership seen when it comes to contributing and tackling the health crisis.

CACOVID had provided health facilities equipment in every state across the country. They have provided test kits, ventilators, equipment, they have continued to a large extent in supporting the technical side of the PTF role.

“When it came to reopening of the international airports, they played a significant role and have continued to play a significant role. They are responsible for ensuring the operation of the payment portal and we wouldn’t have been able to open the airports at the time we did if not for the contribution of CACOVID.


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