GBV: Gov Tambuwal urged on quick assent to VAPP Bill.


Rakiya A. Muhammad

A coalition of Civil Society Organisations in Sokoto State has expressed delight over the recent passage of the Sokoto State VAPP BILL and urged Governor Aminu Tambuwal to ensure quick assent to it.

“The Sokoto State Sexual and Gender -based Violence and Child Protection Response Team (SGBV/CP – RT). is excited and thereby extends its gratitude to the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs the Sokoto House of Assembly), and the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative Partners that has relentlessly worked assiduously and supported the passage of the SOKOTO STATE VAPP BILL from its scratch to the final reading and recent passage,” State Coordinator Rabiu Bello Gandi stated.

“What was and remains paramount is the BILL’s goal of protecting, preserving and promoting the Rights & dignity of Persons of all gender.”

He however noted: “The first phase of success been the passage of this Bill will be useless if it is not assented by His Excellency, the Executive Gov. of Sokoto State, Gov. Aminu Tambuwal who has before now through His great strides and past commitments been identified as a frontline Leader with a huge interest in ending GBV in Sokoto State. “

“In a bid to eliminate Violence Against Persons and for posterity’s sake, Sokoto state sexual and gender base violence and child protection response team (SGBV/CP – RT) solicits the authority of His Excellency Gov. Tambuwal the Executive Governor of Sokoto State to kindly assent the Sokoto State VAPP Bill.”

According to him, the move would count as one of the landmark achievements in Governor Tambuwal’s government.

Also commenting, Barrister Rashidah Mohammed who noted the VAPP Act as all-encompassing covering all forms of sexual and gender- based violence, said it is not just about the passing the Bill but ensuring its proper implementation.

“There are certain things that ordinarily we do not take it as offence, but it is described as an offence in the VAPP Act. it is basically circulating withing family circle, we cover this up because our families are involved, we cover this up because politician children are involved,” she pointed out.

“Before we say we do not have them in penal code law, now we have the VAPP Act and by God’s grace it is going to be gazetted soon but are we ready for that? That is the question.”

“We want to make a change, wake up from the slumber, we want to call wrong as being wrong, we want to call a spade a spade, we are the ones committing these crimes, we are the investigating this crime, we are the ones prosecuting this crime, we are the ones as judges in one way or the other, are we ready to come together and work as one to make sure that this law is properly implemented in Sokoto?”


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